iArcheryStats let you conveniently record all your activities, from shooting indoor to field archery, fill your scorecard, enter your arrows impacts and analyze your performance.

Close Up Features

iArcheryStats is easy to use. Select your bow, choose an activity, enter your score and impacts, analyze your session and share your performance

  • Session and Activities

    Manage Practice and Compétition, indoor, outdoor and field archery, enter your scorecard, mark all your arrow impacts, sort all you arrows and select the best ones.

  • Export and share

    Easily export and share you last scorecards and all your arrow impacts to your friends on social networks or to your coach.

  • Recurve and Compound Bows

    Design for both recurve and compound bows : target sizes, arrows sizes and disciplines for indoor, outdoor and field archery

  • Languages

    3 languages are supported: English, French, Spanish. More languages will be available soon.

Features with Icons

iArcheryStats is made of 4 main activities that guide you during your practice or competition session


Select and fill a scorecard, that’s it! Scorecard takes care of the analysis of your performance


No matter the number of ends and arrows you shoot, FlashArrow gives you an instant analysis of your performance.

Arrow Impact

Mark all the impacts, arrow per arrow, end by end directly on the target and get a complete analysis of your accuracy and group area.

Sorting Arrows

Mark all your impacts, no matter how many arrows you shoot, and select the most accurate ones.


iArcheryStats is available on iOS 11.1 and later, on all compatible iPhones. (iPad is not supported for now).

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